Roads and Ways

PhotographerDancho Atanasov
Entry Description

Concept: There is a strange and out of this world place I go for many years. The first time I found it, when I was looking for a beach. I found hundreds of roads, I was driving along trying to reach my aim, but I was totally confused. More of the roads were taking me nowhere. They just were finishing on tops of hills going nowhere else. I was taking one by one, spending much time. I was asking myself , when I was stuck, is that the best way. But eventually I managed to reach my aim. Nowadays I just feel like home there. All this reminds me my life. I just plan some aims, but no all roads are taking me there. Which is concluding, no all the roads we take, are the best ways taking us to the aim.

About Photographer

An ex jet fighter pilot, currently working for Air Traffic Control for many years, a landscape, urban, architecture and travel photographer, experimenting in conceptual photography.