Invisible Pain

PhotographerChristie Goodwin
PrizeGold in Portraiture / Other_P
Entry Description

Invisible Pain: Giving a voice to mental health to tackle stigmas and raise awareness: You don’t always see the crutches when someone is in pain. Through the use of double exposure I have tried to visualise the troubled mind of someone suffering depression.

About Photographer

I am Christie Goodwin and I specialize in live music photography and artist portraits. I have been passionate about photography ever since my father gave me my first camera when I was 12. He didn't have much choice as I was always running off with his. I pursued my passion at the prestigious Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp where I was awarded a masters in art photography. The next two decades I sharpened my craft through portraitures and reportage work. In my free time I would go and see bands and would sneak in a camera and shoot just for fun. I guess it was inevitable that music photography would become my business. My main objective when I shoot is to capture the true spirit of the performance, the sweat and soul of my subjects. My approach is always to be unobtrusive and swift, which has gained me the trust and respect of the many artists I work with. I have provided official tour and album photography for major recording artists including Taylor Swift, Joe Bonamassa, Usher, Katie Melua, Katy Perry, Dream Theater, John Legend, Kylie Minogue, Chickenfoot, Westlife, Joe Satriani, One Direction and more. I live in London.