Western Samurai

PhotographerDenis Fraser
PrizeBronze in Portraiture / Personality
Entry Description

This image forms a collection of large format images of how we present ourselves to the outside world our "projected persona". Facial tattooing is the most permanent and extreme portrayal of personal identity.

About Photographer

I take pleasure in using various mediums for the expression of each image. I regard them as invaluable tools to explore the fringes of society, often hidden from gaze. I am intrigued that no two people will see the same detail or reach an understanding of the Artists intent. I am exploring the implications in that statement. The interpretation of the each image is highly subjective and provides a bridge between the artist�s intention and the viewer�s perception. That aspect of image creation fascinates me. I like to search with the lens to uncover the hidden world manifest before us; often lost in plain view. I prefer to use film with a variety of tools, large and medium format, pinhole and occasionally 35mm cameras. I use both colour and black and white. I formulate my own print and negative developers and currently use a an old (c1880)modified Pyro formula to achieve finer control over the printing process. I prefer to maintain an intimate connection during each stage of the image making process, so I hand develop and print my work.