The fight on the rooftop of Mongolia

PhotographerRobert McPherson
PrizeGold in Press / Travel/Tourism
Entry Description

The Dukha, a community of reindeer herders in Mongolia, are facing cultural extinction due to the various reasons, including tourism, global warming, language loss and assimilation into civilization. The latest research states there are just 44 Dukha families left in Mongolia, and they are now forced to eat their own reindeer, their only source of income. It is a fight for survival.

About Photographer

Robert McPherson (b.1982) began freelancing for Norway`s Aftenposten National newspaper in 2011. His main client internationally is Sipa Press, France. He is a member of Metaphor Images; an International documentary photographer`s collective based in Australia. Robert divides his time with work for newspapers and personal documentary projects.