PhotographerKirstin Schmitt
PrizeGold in Press / Feature Story
Entry Description

Havana 2016, in a collectivetaxi: Carlos a random passenger is concerned: "Everyday more and more of your people are in the streets!" - "How do you call someone who is neither woman nor man?" His wife is clueless too: "Transvestite, Transsexual, queer, pan gender, third sex?!" - "I am! That's all! No theory! No sciences! No discourses! No label! Case closed!" responds Reinier and keeps painting his lips. - "Oye, tremendo arroz con mango!"* replied Carlos, "where is this supposed to end? What the hell are you?" - "The new man!"** Reinier laughs loud while fixing his wig: "Viva la revolución, compañeros!" he replies and jumps out of the car. The series ARROZ CON MANGO–THE NEW MEN portrays Cubans without labels in their everyday life. (*the Cuban slang “rice with mango” is a typical expression for a sticky situation,something scandalous or a big mess **Ambiguous allusion to the central aim of the socialist revolution:The creation of THE NEW MEN)

About Photographer

Documentary filmmaker and cinematographer, photographer / 2011-2014 teaching for the “Goethe-Institut Angola,“ the “Cefojor-Centro de Formação de Jornalistas” and „Lusíada University“ in Luanda, Angola STUDIES Cultural Anthropology & Central-American-Studies University Frankfurt M. and Hamburg / direction & cinematography (2.subject) at „Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg“ in Ludwigsburg, Germany / documentary filmmaking at „EICTV- Escuela Internacional de Cine y Televisión“ (Cuba) / 2014 MAGNUM Photos Paris, Workshop with Eli Reed / 2015 LEICA Photos, Masterclass with Bruces Gilden / 2016 Workshop OSTKREUZ Agency, Germany LANGUAGES: German, English, Spanish, Portuguese (basic) Works and lives between Havana and Berlin