Look book Empresa

PhotographerMarco Salvadori
PrizeBronze in Advertising / Fashion
Entry Description

look book Empresa - location Palazzo Ferrajioli Rome works commissioned by Empresa

About Photographer

Born in Florence in 1969, Associated with "Officine Fotografiche Roma" for over 10 years I joined the photography courses also university - I graduated in Communication Sciences La Sapienza in 2007. In 2008 I started working in the theater as a still photographer, an area where still working with different directors Romans. In September 2009 I made a reportage about street racing in Palermo with Shobha (Contrast). A work of intense and difficult complaint. I continued to follow different workshops - 2011, in Lucca with Franco Paggetti (VII Agency) "photographic story of war", 2012 with Duglas Beasly on "Zen and photography", in 2013 in Racalmuto (AG), a collective of photographers , coordinated by Shobha, to tell "Madonna del monte celebration". I started to teach photography in 2011 at "Officine Fotografiche Roma" In 2015, I participated in the creation of Tao Photo s.r.l.s., a company dedicated to the dissemination of culture and the photographic activities through courses, workshops and photo trips. With the Tao Photo I made fashion shoots, books for actors, workshops in Italy and abroad.