Limit to Your love XI

PhotographerJacob Gils
PrizeSilver in Fine Art / Nudes
Entry Description

In Limit To Your Love, my work with Polaroids on watercolor paper started in 2011, I have chosen to focus on one thing only. Looking at the images one will see the human body, but what is even more noticeable, is the white patches - elements of distortion as I like to call them. To me they represent a break from the daily life that we are used to living. The series sensuous language is created to make one reflect – reconsider and evaluate – life´s bigger issues. Together the series are a progressive inquiry to visually speak both to me and to other of the dichotomy of our human experience and understanding of an outer world. Each of the things, persons or places I have photographed, holds an expression and beauty that inspire me. Working as a contemporary artist begs me to place my work and practice in a social context. To question the given. The result is something easy recognizable yet unexpected and new. Challenging.

About Photographer

Jacob Gils photographs are analogue/digital works that combine simple expressions with layered production techniques. He uses complex polarisation methods and multiple exposures to generate engaging textures. His portraits are organic and sensuous. His cityscapes are fragmented, draped and distorted. Born in Copenhagen in 1963, Jacob Gils has lived and worked for many years as a successful commercial photographer in Denmark. Gils hails from a family of fine artists and after years of producing highly controlled and conceptualised advertising and editorial work,it is no surprise that he has now turned his hand to fine art photography. In June 2011 Gils completed his first collection - four organic portraits of professional models, titled âLimit to your Loveâ - which were exhibited for the first time at the Copenhagen Photo Festival in 2011. In November 2011 Gils began work on âMovementâ, a series of streetscapes that are now nearing completion.