States of consciousness

CompanyVicky Salias
PrizeGold in Fine Art / People_FA
Entry Description

What is consciousness? How is it obtained? How can I define it? These were the puzzles I wanted to fathom when I first started working on this series of images. And through that quest I found an answer that filled my soul: life is a path where we shift from one level of consciousness to another and this implies being truly connected with every single thing we encounter in that journey. Consciousness is that connection. It is a bridge between the perfect universal reality and the reality of the physical world we live in. Becoming aware of our ego, our darkest corners. Developing the ability to see the whole picture when conflicts arise. Understanding that every action we embark upon leaves a mark in others and in ourselves. Becoming aware of the impact our words have in others. Learning to let go everything that harms us. Understanding that living in paradise is a task and an endeavor that belongs to every one of us, that it does not depend on others, that it is indeed possible to design that paradise and to build it exactly the way we wish… I invite you to contemplate our states of consciousness in order to broaden them. And to reveal ourselves through them in an oneiric journey of self- discovery. I would like to share with you this simple tribute to those who succeeded to express with images what cannot be seen, the metaphysical world, what lies beyond, what awaits inside us, what is unveiled in our dreams. I believe that consciousness is the key factor for the well-being of the environment, and of our personal lives as well. I believe that through our behavior and our commitment, we tune in with the consciousness of the whole. I believe that this is the starting point to finally become one with others and with the whole universe. GABY H