The sketch of a life

PhotographerSebastien DEL GROSSO
PrizeSilver in Fine Art / People_FA
Entry Description

In this series "The sketch of a life", I wanted to illustrate my life, like my sketches gave birth to each of his actions or by the intervention of someone I are close (for exemple in "sketch your mentor" with the intervention of my grandmother who taught me in the drawing), or events that have been important to me (like in "sketch the life" with the birth my daughter "Cataleya"), but also with something a little more humorous (in "Catch & Sketch" for example with the intervention of my friend Cal Redback, or in "sketch and fight" with a battle of two artists with each his technique)

About Photographer

My name is S├ębastien DEL GROSSO, i live in France near Paris. Since my childhood, I have always been interested in art, first by drawing and painting. This interest reflects in my profesional life since I work in the graphic design world as a freelance. I have always been drawn by artistic creation, and I was naturally interested in photography during travels with my first Canon EOS in 2011.