The weight of the dilemma

PhotographerValentino Sani
PrizeGold in Fine Art / Collage
Entry Description

This surreal image is obviously inspired by Rene' Magritte, an artist whose works I adore. It has some relationships with psyche, is highly dreamlike and provide a vision of what could happen in a dream or maybe a nightmare. We cannot see the face of the man with the umbrella, is it me? Or is it you, the viewer? Is this my dream or yours? The title of this work: "The weight of the dilemma" is not what it seems. What is it the dilemma for the man with the umbrella? Or is it a dilemma of the artist? Or for the viewer, that cannot decide what represent this image?

About Photographer

Born in Milan, Italy, I am self taught in photography, but I have always lived among visual art thanks to my father profession (graphic designer). I am a freelance stock photographer, working mainly for the book cover market. My pictures are licensed by some of the most renowned libraries: Trevillion images, Arcangel images, Plainpicture. I love to explore and make experiments with photography, using digital as well as analog cameras. With digital, I have always liked to manipulate images with Photoshop to create something that is close to my imagination, using techniques for photo composite, photo-manipulations and collages. I use the camera and the software to create my own world, my own reality. As for the more classical photography: nature, architecture, macro (abstract) and still-life are my favorite subjects. Anyway, my best moments are when I can wander around with a camera and shoot in classical street photography style. It still marvel me how full of surprises and interesting is the world around us. I now live in Czech republic with my wife Jitka.