Urban Saga I

PhotographerJulia Anna Gospodarou
PrizeSilver in Fine Art / Architecture_FA
Entry Description

Long exposure panorama presenting an iconic cityscape of Chicago. For me the view over the city from this point shows its character and its magnificent power of seduction that makes it one of the most interesting cities for photography, especially architectural photography. I wanted to show the strength but also the suitability of this city in this image. I used light n different intensities and my imagination, to give to each building the place i think it has in the network of the city. This is the first photo in a series that will show different iconic and powerful views of the American cities.

About Photographer

Architect, Multi award-winning black and white fine art photographer (SWPA, IPA, PX3, IFPA, B&W Spider Awards, ND Awards). Mostly known for her B&W long exposure architectural photography, Julia has written the best selling book From Basics to Fine Art – Back and White Photography, co-author Joel Tjintjelaar http://bit.ly/basicstofineart She also teaches fine art photography workshops and works on commissioned photography projects. She is the creator of the term (en)Visionography™ that defines fine art digital photography, a genre that has to do more with the vision of the artist than with the subject or how the camera captures it. This theory reflects in her personal creative and processing method, Photography Drawing (PhtD™), method based on how to process a black and white image by using the principles of classical black and white drawing. Published internationally in numerous books and magazines, Julia's work can also be seen online in the most important photography galleries. Website: http://www.juliaannagospodarou.com/ Email: j.gospodarou@gmail.com