Honoring - The Time Dynamic

PhotographerMabry Campbell
PrizeSilver in Fine Art / Architecture_FA
Entry Description

"Honoring - The Time Dynamic" series is an exploration in tilt- shift long exposure photography of public memorials, isolated in their surroundings, where further honor and remembrance is made through the final photograph. "Time" reflects both things happening in the past worthy of remembrance as well as the long exposure aspect of each image.

About Photographer

My name is Mabry Campbell, an international award winning fine art and architecture photographer based in Houston, Texas. I photograph both interiors and exteriors with careful attention in preserving the originals architect’s/designer’s vision. After my work is done, and my clients are happy, I concentrate on my fine art images. These range from long exposure architecture, long exposure seascape to infrared images. I travel extensively and this is a significant source of my inspiration and work.