alchemist's dream

Photographeryasu mastumoto
PrizeGold in Fine Art / Other_FA
Entry Description

I am trying to cross the boundary between real and imaginary with this series. These images are the fragments of an alchemist's dream who I set up as a key character in this series. As his day dream is happening on his desk in a lab, I actually set up all the scenes on a desk. Since I want these scenes to really exist for real, I constract all the scenes beginning with seeking for props, and shoot strait-forward with 8x10" camera. With the fact that I shot with film, that makes it a proof of these worlds' existence because film cannot lie. As I try to cross the boundary in such a way, I want to give the viewers a little kick starter to open up their own doors to the imaginary world.

About Photographer

Born in Japan,1976. Studied photography in San Francisco. Now, live and work in Tokyo as a freelance photo-artist.