The Patagonias

PhotographerName: CUNHA DE SÁ Specialised in Portraiture,...
PrizeSilver in Book (series Only) / Other_B
Entry Description

Towards the "end of the world", my latest trip. The goal, to publish a book about travels called "The Patagonias", because there are 2, one in Chile and one in Argentina. Far was I from knowing that, on top of having the chance to enjoy dazzling landscapes, I was going to meet the most interesting people in years. There is nobody we cannot teach, same way there is nobody we cannot learn from. An idea that is often not that easy to accept. And I have met the most incredible persons that are the living proof that the eyes merely show us things, they don't give us sight. A book is being published, with a preface by a world known writer specialised in "travels".

About Photographer

Freelance Photographer since 1992. Main areas: Portraiture, Advertising and photo-documentary. 25 Solo and group exhibitions worldwide. BA (hons) Photography, Film & Imaging, Napier university 1999