Mirame Lima

PhotographerJaime Travezan, Morgana Vargas Llosa & David To...
PrizeSilver in Book (series Only) / People
Entry Description

Mírame Lima, consists of a series of 50 family portraits reflecting the vast diversity present within the peruvian capital: the different cultures, religions, ethnic origins and dreams of the limeños. Partly as a result of insecurity, street violence, bad public transports, lack of information, among other things, a sad reality of Lima is that people tend to live very isolated from each other, in small groups from which they rarely emerge. This lack of interaction often results in discrimination. People tend to fear the unknown, what they don´t understand, what differs from their own customs and beliefs. One of the main goals of this photographic project is to contribute to get to know each other better and to build bridges of communication between different communities. The best way to feel proud of our differences as citizens is to look at each other, to find out who our neighbours really are. There is a bigger chance of respecting different customs, cultures and religions if one is exposed directly to them. From these images it emerges that, not only do jobs, lifestyles, religions and ethnicities differ vastly, but even the very concept of ‘family’ can be extremely variable. This project aims to encourage respect between the people of Lima and to do so in a positive, optimistic tone in order to avoid conflict and controversy.

About Photographer

Photographer Jaime Travezan and Art Director David Tortora have been working together since 2009 on both, personal and commercial projects. They describe their output variously as 'anti-minimal', visually rich' and 'realistic but categorically non-real'.