Live at Five (American Newscasters)

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PhotographerMarc McAndrews
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According to American market estimates for the 2015 Nielsen TV Ratings the New York metro area serves approximately 7,442,270 households. Glendive, MT, an isolated agricultural and ranching town in eastern Montana, is at the other end of the spectrum holding the bottom slot on the list of the 210 Designated Market Areas. Glendive has only one station, KXGN, which transmits its signal to roughly 4,330 televisions. Smaller audiences bring in smaller revenues leaving stations like KXGN to produce their shows with only a fraction of the operating budget of the larger markets meaning resources are limited and equipment is older. News stories are usually covered by a single anchor who write their own dialogue, shoot their own footage and edit the final segment. The result is that the smaller Designated Market Area’s have a looser, unvarnished feel. Energetic younger news anchors cutting their teeth straight out of college mix with older, seasoned anchors settling into their last years in the industry. The local news anchors fill the show with reports on national and worldwide news mixed with stories specific to the communities where they’re from. The global economy mingles with yard sales and tallies of the latest sugar beet yields. The resulting dynamic is one of a college A/V course producing high end TV.