Basel in Portraits - Basel Celebrities photographed in Styles from Nadar to Leibovitz

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Entry Description

«Basel in Portraits» compiles highlights from all the different periods of photographic history – at first glance. However, all the portraits are the work of only one photographer, Lucian Hunziker, who immersed himself in the styles of some of the most important photographers of the past 150 years. Thanks to his keen instinct for their stylistic hallmarks, Hunziker has transformed the history of photography into a one-man show of the special kind: resourceful, brilliant and subtle. Each portrait displays the sheer pleasure with which he has reinvented the works of other photographers. At the same time, the series showcases outstanding individuals who are representatives of culture, sports, science and politics, resulting in an original and affectionate homage to both the people and the city. Among them tennis player Roger Federer, Oscar winning film producer Arthur Cohn, the architects Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron, -minu, FCB soccer player Marco Streller or singer Baschi. 59 celebrities, 59 different photographic styles – one photographer! Never has a journey through photographic history existed in this artistic magnitude.

About Photographer

Lucian Hunziker (born in 1981) graduated with a Masters Degree in history from the University of Basel in 2008. He worked as an assistant to well-known photographers in Paris and Zürich and taught himself how to photograph. He portrays celebrities for newspapers and magazines. In 2010, he was awarded the Prix de la Photographie Paris. In 2014 he publishes his first book «Basel in Portraits».