PhotographerMichael Muraz
PrizeGold in Fine Art / Landscape
Entry Description

Skylines are work of arts: who has not stopped in awe when seeing the skyline of New York City or Dubai? But beyond art, a skyline is a city’s identity. Each skyline is unique, and many cities can be instantly recognized by their skyline. This uniqueness comes from decades of history, reflected by the ever-changing skyline: old and new, famous and unknown are side by side. This series aims at showing skylines in all their glory, in a panoramic format that suits them perfectly. Captured in several images stitched together, these pictures can be printed in a very large format, allowing the viewer to explore the details of the city’s history. This is an on- going project, since skylines are constantly evolving and there are still many cities I want to add to this series.

About Photographer

Michael Muraz is a commercial architecture and fine art photographer based in Toronto, Canada. His photography covers commercial architecture, as well as fine art urban and natural landscapes. Originally from France, Michael loves to travel the world, which is how he started photography. With his engineering background and artistic sensibility, he quickly learned how to capture more than snapshots. Michael’s keen interest in architecture turned into a passion for photographing cities and buildings. Michael’s photographs are the result of a rigorous technical approach, mixed with a powerful creative vision. Always learning new techniques, Michael finds its inspiration in various environments: photography, architecture, dance, travel. His commercial images portray the architect’s vision and the building in its environment. The goal is to showcase the design and the essence of the space as they are visible in real life. On the other hand, his fine art images are the reflection of his creative process and vision. Using techniques such as long exposure and black and white, Michael shows cities and buildings under a new angle, that you have never seen before.