Enter the Fantastical World of Lightness

CompanyTim Hawley Photography
PhotographerClient: Samsonite Art Director: Jonah Hulbert ...
PrizeSilver in Advertising / Product
Entry Description

This series of conceptual ads depicts the strongest and lightest Samsonite product ever.

About Photographer

WYSIWYG I am an international award winning photographer and digital artist. This allows me to orchestrate all the visual components needed to realize the directed goal and to create the level of imagery you see in my portfolio with great efficiency and ease. While my style and experience transcend categories, I excel at tabletop, product and still life photography. PRODUCTION My company is a full service photography studio. We handle all aspects of production including casting, catering, crew, location coordination, permits, scouting, production vehicles, prop rental, studio rental, and wardrobe. VISION Whether I am telling a story or presenting a piece of merchandise, my work is an organic union of what is dramatic, eloquent and heroic. There is an obvious visual thread that can be seen when you look through the body of my work. I create memorable images that have a classic beauty based in crisp reality. RECOGNITION I have received various awards for my work from a variety of organizations including the AAF, AI-AP, IPA, AX3, CA, Spider Awards, PDN, and APA. However, my kids are most impressed with the award for my Bananas Foster Pizza.