Immersed in Living Water

Clientwendy sacks
CreditsWendy Sacks Curriculum Vitae (abbreviated) List of Works:  Series 1: Immersed in Living Water Series 2: Monsters in the Closet Series 3: Immortal Seeds   Collections:   La Bibliothèque Nationale de France Dali Photography Museum, Yunnan Province, China  High Noon Art and Culture , Beijing, China Private collections worldwide   Awards:? Kolga Tbilisa Photo International competition Kolga Award  First Place.  Foto D.C. International Award Competition, First Place Photo Review Magazine , 2013 Competition issue International Fine Art Photography Award Grand Prix De La Découverte Finalist, Third Place, Paris France 2013    International Fine Art Photography Award Grand Prix De La Découverte Juror Award, award of Merit,Paris France (for 2 images) Julia Margaret Cameron 5th edition Gala Award finalist   Photo Center Northwest, Seattle, Washington. Musings: 18th Annual Photographic Competition, Finalist Art Laguna Prize, Finalist  International Pollux Awards , Photographer of the Year   International Pollux Awards , Photographer of the Year, Fine Art Division??Third Edition of the Jacob Riis Award, first place Terry O’Neill Tag Award Finalist (2nd place) , London, England Julia Margaret Cameron Finalist Award 4th edition World Wide Photography Gala Awards, Street Photography, Finalist Grand Prize Winner, China 2nd Biennial International Photographic Cultural Festival and Museum Exhibition, Lishui,China.    American (AI- AP) 28, Chosen Winner   Critical Mass Finalist, Portland, Oregon Arts and Cultural Council for Greater Rochester, New York,  1st Annual Juried Members Competition “Best in Show”. Solo:  798 Gallery, Beijing, China Camerawork Gallery Selected Group Exhibitions:??Shenzhen International Photography Week, Shenzhen, China? Photography Oxford Festival "Ladies Only" - Contemporary Women Photographers , Tbilisi Museum of Modern Art, Tbilisi, Georgia. Snap! Orlando, Group Exhibition, 'Edge of a Dream'? FotoWalk Underground in Crystal City, Arlington's largest downtown right outside Washington, D.C    Foto D.C. International Award Competition exhibition, National Geographic Museum, Washington, D.C.   15th Annual Friends of Friends Photography: Invitation Only, John A.  Bennette, curator 2011-2015  New York City (ongoing) International Fine Art Photography Award Grand Prix De La Découverte exhibition, November, 2013 Paris, France    Borges Cultural Center in Buenos Aires in June 2014 Dali International Photography Photography, Southwest China's Yunnan Province, 2013??Lucy Bell Fine Art Gallery 2013, London, England??American Life, Traveling  Exhibition , Artist Representative and honored guest for representing
PhotographerWendy Sacks Curriculum Vitae (abbreviated) ...
PrizeBronze in Portraiture / Other_P
Entry Description

?Immersed in Living Water While working as a Paediatric Emergency Physician, I carried a camera to document ill patients for teaching purposes and as a means of remembering cases. Photography unknowingly provided an outlet for despair, a means for maintaining composure, and distressing emotions. My sensitivities were inadvertently interwoven into photographs. During my mid thirties, I left medicine due to severe arthritis. Although I missed my patients and medicine, I had to come to terms with knowing I could not care for both family and patients due to limitations. Instead, limitations became an opportunity to become a mother with freedom to express love and joy and an opportunity for creative liberty. Despite increasingly difficult challenges and joint deterioration, the need for reconstruction and joint replacement one by one, my love photography deepened as I discovered a world of art I had never fully explored, an artist inside myself I had never known, and a therapeutic diversion with a new life as a person with chronic pain. My role as a mother change and I was challenged. I brought the camera back into my life to capture my life at home. To perform of the activities of daily living, an occupational therapist suggested I bathe with my young children since I couldn’t lift them into the tub. Eventually, I brought my camera to the tub. When I looked through the lens this time, life and death looked different to me. Through the lens, I remembered my world of medicine, I remembered the children who were sick and had died in my care, the children who had been born and who had healed, the children whom I barely had time to mourn or celebrate their lives while working as a physician. Overwhelming feelings sealed away in my subconscious began to emerge. ws