another myself

PhotographerNORIKO YABU
PrizePortraiture / Self-Portrait
Entry Description

self portrait in the water Nobody knows the real me. I do not even understand the real me. Nationality, Gender, Status, Occupation, Academic underground, rumor..... People see me with stereotype through filter such as. I also categorize people. It may be necessary to survive in this society. I have been taking myself many interesting my expressions. How do you see me? I took myself to set up a camera side of the tub. I dive in the water many times and take myself by self timer. It shows various kinds of me. I established my shooting style by exploring the best time to take , exposure of camera and way of making bubbles.

About Photographer

academic backgroud 2005 Waseda University , Tokyo , Japan ( Literature department ) 2007 TOKYO GEIJUTSU DAIGAKU(Tokyo University of the Arts),Tokyo , Japan ( Contemporary Art Master )