VANISHING [Predator.Prey]

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PrizeNature / Underwater
Entry Description

Vanishing is an installation of 1 large gelatin silver print and 2 - 1000 small shark platinum/palladium photographs ranging in sizes, generally approximately i 2 ¼ x 2 ¼ / 6 x 6 cm. All the prints are developed from the duplicates of the same negative that is altered by being physically deconstructed, overexposed or underexposed. Installation prints range from the perfectly sharp and perfectly exposed photographs to a final ghost image- white on white or black-on black. The objective is to highlight the shark-fin-soup driven slaughter and loss of sharks in our oceans, challenging the viewer to examine our own relationship with not only the sharks but with all the elements of life. The same portrait of the shark is printed up to 80x60 inch [203.2x152.4 cm] gelatin silver print. When printed extra-large, I generally print 4 vertical parts of the photograph - panels are all same size and meet in the middle of the sharks body as a crosshairs would alluding to the shark being a target. Depending on the circumstances, print van be larger or smaller and printed as one single photograph. This PROJECT allows great installation flexibility as it can be shown as ONE and only super-large silver gelatin print Predator.Prey. or even one tiny platinum/palladium 2 1/4 x 2 1/4 print...or shown as large installation - vertical or horizontal including from 2 to 1000 photographs. I have explored vertical and horizontal options with substantial distance or no spacing between the prints - the message remains strong as it is current and relevant. Overall visual impact is always different but simply moving.