Iceland-beyond waterfalls

Companyfotografie walter luttenberger
PhotographerWalter Luttenberger
PrizeNature / Landscape_N
Entry Description

a series of pictures, that show the beauty of the icelandic landscape far beyond from what we see the most, when we search for pictures from that beautiful island.

About Photographer

walter works as a photographer since the late 80ies, self-empoyed since 1995. mostly working as a architectural-, lifestyle- and imagephotographer. more and more working now as a travel- and humanitarian photographer for organisations such as the caritas austria. in the last 2 years he is getting a few awards in international photocontests such as the international photography awards, the spider awards and the prix de la photographie. currently he is working on a series of longtime-exposures of lakes, seas,rivers and citys. the bangkok-pictures are part of this series.