It turns around

Companyyoshinori saito photo office
Photographeryoshinori saito
PrizeNature / Earth
Entry Description

My thinking in since March, 2011 for soil and water and air, a nuclear plant accident of Fukushima. The element that it is absolutely necessary to have become unstable by that accident if we live. It was very weak and noticed that it was fragile fleetingly. And I thought about what the photograph which oneself wanted to make was. For example, I wanted to realize the importance of soil, water, air and the creature again in land called one's Hokkaido to live in. When various things are born and change the figure and die, and it is important at all to repeat that I come back to the figure again. The useless thing has nothing. Is Japanese; "meguri"

About Photographer

I live in the northernmost part of Japan. It is a place called Hokkaido. 45 years old born in 1969. Professional photographer career 25 years. The photograph work produces a commercial photograph to a base, too.