Ink Girls

PhotographerDina Litovsky
PrizePortraiture / Other_P
Entry Description

Even though tattooing has become more and more commonplace among women in the western society there is still a social stigma attached to it. The only culturally accepted ‘feminine’ symbols are small, easily hidden tattoos such as flowers and butterflies while women with darker, intricate tattoos are subjects to many negative stereotypes regarding their personality, profession and lifestyle. Photographing at the Annual NYC Tattoo Convention I focused on the female participants with elaborate ink art. In these images, the women, defiant and proud, show off their favorite tattoos.

About Photographer

Dina Litovsky is an emerging artist who examines social performances and group interactions in both public and private spaces. Dina was born in the Ukraine and moved to New York in 1991. After receiving her bachelor degree in Psychology from NYU, Dina turned to photography and has earned her MFA graduate degree in Photography, Video & Related Media from the School of Visual Arts, NY. Dina's work has won numerous awards and honors including International Photography Awards 2011 (1st Place, Culture), Daylight/CDS Photo Awards (2011, Honorable Mention), Eddie Adams Workshop XXIV (Selected Photographer), PRC Exposure 2011 (Selected Photographer), Onward '11 Emerging Photographer Competition (2011, Selected Photographer) Her work has been published in New York Magazine, Camera Austria, Hamburger Eyes Magazine, PDN Photo of the Day, New Yorker Photobooth, F8 Magazine, LPV Magazine, Business Insider, aCurator, F-Stop Magazine, Bite! Magazine, Ca m'interesse, Le Figaro PhotoSensible