PhotographerDante Busquets
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Entry Description

It is important as artists to continue addressing the current state of our environment, and the consequences that the actions of our civilization have upon its condition. In order to help raise awareness and offer diverse views into how this affects us, images provide powerful messages, and photography contributes ideally to communicate them. It is in this sense that the writings of author Eduardo Galeano inspire my proposal: I attempt to interpret and re-transmit the expressive descriptions of the Latin American landscape that the Uruguayan writer makes in his renowned book from 1971 “The Open Veins of Latin America”, through a photo- based project. My goal is to develop a body of work in which I freely combine and contrast the author’s literary images with the photographs I make. In the context of this proposed project, I am planning to photograph and record areas described by Galeano in Bolivia, Chile, Mexico, and Perú, where the accumulated effects of extracting some of the most sought after natural resources, such as silver, copper, tin, salt-peter, and guano over centuries can be seen. Motivated by his compelling historical analysis (from the European -and later US- colonization of America, to its successive economic and political dominance of the actual Latin American region), I intend to develop a final piece of work that, just as emotionally, brings forth a current and timely portrayal of the depleting effects that, regardless of political boundaries and powers, our greed and neglect have had upon this region and by extension, the world as a whole. In 2012-2013, I photographed different past and present extraction sites in Latin America, and the image presented here is the result of that journey.

About Photographer

Dante Busquets, Mexico City, 1969. Dante attended the San Francisco Art Institute to study photography. He has shown individually in Mexico and in 25+ group shows in nationally and overseas. In 2006 he won the Acquisition Prize of the Mexican Photography Biennale for his SATELUCO project, in which he documented families and urban areas in a well-known âfuturisticâ suburb of Mexico City. He received the grant Descubrimientos PHE México from PhotoEspaña â09, and the Leica Grant from FotoFest in Houston TX, USA, 2008. Since 2012 he became part of the Sistema Nacional de Creadores de Arte, a 3-year programme from the Mexican National Fund for Culture and Arts, 2012-2104, with the project âThe desolate landscapes of Eduardo Galeano: a visual journey through the Open Veins of Latin Americaâ.