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Photographerscott lowden
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1050 Ponce De Leon Place is a famous old apartment building in my neighborhood in Atlanta GA USA. The folks in 1050 are Section 8 which refers to the Housing Act of 1937 providing housing subsidies for low income Americans. I've lived here since 1992, and have seen many characters come and go from that building. I've also met some amazing people. One of the more surprising things I’ve noticed over the years is that many in this community are always smiling. My idea was to get to know the people who lived at 1050 and ask them - why, with all that is against you, financially, physically - are you smiling a genuinely beautiful smile? And that was the beginning of my project. This project focuses, in broader terms, on the happiness and contentment found in people that seem to have nothing to smile about. Particularly the older folks, the handicapped, and those dependent on government aid for help. To those more fortunate, while driving or walking by, it may seem that there is just sorrow and desperation living inside the hulking red brick apartment building. But, to every yin there is a yang. There is happiness found there, a bubbling up of the human spirit. Many of these amazing older folks are fighting battles with poverty or illness, yet they are truly happy individuals. They always seem to be smiling, and helping each other. To me this is a powerful project to catch on film because in their happiness we find ours. I’ve seen these folks impacting our neighborhood with their personalities, grins, and , and hugs since I moved to Poncey Highland neighborhood.