The Woman in the White Gown

PhotographerJIWON KIM
PrizeFine Art / People_FA
Entry Description

Photography is a portal into the soul. More than just aesthetically pleasing images, my photographs invite viewers to gaze into their own souls and spirits. I create images of persons I have connected with and come to know intimately. Through the act of capturing a moment in time, I reveal things normally invisible to human perception-- emotion, memory, and thought--to show the spirituality present in our day-to-day lives. The Woman in the White Gown is a part of an ongoing series that depicts nine female doctors of various medical specialties with flowers that represent their different fields of expertise. This project began with a question: who really are these women? The resulting images explore the relationship between their roles as doctors and as women. Through this series, I attempt to reveal the common essence of their nature as women. I want to reveal the female soul that is concealed beneath the sterile white gown.