Girls From Afar

CompanyKabana Studio
PhotographerJoni Kabana
PrizeFine Art / People_FA
Entry Description

I was deeply riveted by the people I met in the Afar region of Ethiopia. Living a nomadic lifestyle, they are exceptionally beautiful, hyper aware of surroundings, and also attentive to adornment. There is a grace and fortitude they exude that is haunting. They live from the land where mankind began.

About Photographer

I have been photographing the forgotten souls ever since I was eight years old. I love nothing more than to find someone who, on the outside, presents a set of perceived values, yet when one takes time to talk with them, it is found that their lives are far different than what was previously judged. I am now a commercial photographer, yet I try to instill that same surprising element when I create images: move the curtain away, and see what is behind it.