PhotographerJustin Barton
PrizePortraiture / Other_P
Entry Description

The current crisis in Ukraine has brought the political tensions of the Cold War into the light once again as both East and West seek to influence events outside of their borders in a proxy psychological battle. This series examines those who once prepared diligently to end the world for the sake of peace and patriotism. These are the soldiers and airmen who were once part of nuclear missile crews on both sides of the ideological fence both in the USA and Ukraine. With both countries having changed circumstances and politics in the intervening years they re-examine views of those who are veterans of this kind of psychological warfare and explore the parallel lives of soldiers whose life holding the ultimate responsibility was spent in secrecy. It would be difficult to deny these men held the fate of the world in their hands... and those that followed in their footsteps still do. 1. Colonel Alexander Tarasenko Ret. ICBM Division Commander ‘Naturally, I was prepared to launch. That was our purpose…’ 2. Captain Bob Rice Ret. ICBM Crew Commander ‘We would never have struck first back then… which was why I was so upset when we went into Iraq.’ 3. Major Viktor Ksenzov Ret. ICBM Crew Member 'I never asked for Putin to come and rescue me... my loyalty remains with Ukraine'. 4. Airman Mark Nelson Ret. ICBM Crew Member ‘...I do worry though that the international community isolating Russia could indeed bring back the Cold War mentality.’ 5. Warrant Officer Vladimir Ishenko Ret. ICBM Crew Member ‘…For 25 years my wife had no idea where I was going, when I left the house in the morning”.

About Photographer

Justin is a freelance photographer based in Shoreditch. His interests in photography are wide and varied, but his current specializations are in architecture, interiors, still life and landscapes. He won awards in both 2010 and 2011 at the International Photography Awards for his archtectural work and was shortlisted for the WPGA in 2010. He remains faithful to large format film both 5x4 and 8x10. He is represented by One Photographic