Visions of Africa

PhotographerJacques pion
PrizeFine Art / People_FA
Entry Description

My life and work have often led me towards the African continent, in particular towards West Africa. The photographic project I’m presenting aims to capture significant moments and attitudes that describe the daily life of farmers in the Sahel region in the twenty-first century.

About Photographer

"Striving to describe with light, the shared moments of human-kind’s lives" A freelance photographer trained at the Ecole Nationale Louis Lumière (1983), Jacques Pion particularly favours personal projects with societal or humanitarian characteristics. For his photographic projects, he works as often as possible over long periods to better "feel" and comprehend the realities of his subjects’ lives. In his approach, he remains attached to the concept of images that are freely consented to by his subjects, the result of a strong relationship that he tries to describe with light.