Saint Anna

PhotographerAnna Zielinska graduated from University of Art...
PrizePortraiture / Self-Portrait
Entry Description

Poland is still strong catholic country with strong cult of Saint Mary. Mother in Poland is called “Mother Pole”, which means that mission of polish women is giving birth and raising children. This model idealized women as saints than as human beings, attributing to them high moral standards with important roles to play. There is no place for individual needs. “Mother Pole” sacrifices herself for the family. Over a year ago I was pregnant. When the pregnancy became visible, I realised that my body didn't belong to me. People didn’t want to see Me. They saw "Saint Anna" – heroic mother – instead of the women.

About Photographer

Anna Zielinska graduated from University of Arts in Poznan (faculty of Multimedia Communication). Now she works as a freelance photographer.