Natura Viva

PhotographerMarc Balló Colell was born February 24, 198...
PrizeFine Art / Nudes
Entry Description

Natura Viva starts in early 2012 from a technical investigation of the "luminography" with the aim of stroll by the boundaries between reality and fiction, between nature and the imaginary, between light and darkness, all driven by curiosity to represent the life across the light. It is important to note that Natura Viva does not seek to create any confounding effect, but is based on the synthesis and integration, without suture between the parts. There are not in use technologies of manipulation or photomontage. What is looked is a fusion of two elements across the painted light, creating a synthetic image across visible and royal. The result they are symbolic images constructed about a central figure: the nude body, where his corporal line and axes act as creators of plant cuttings, fruits and flowers.