Fortune Market

Photographerkris vervaeke
PrizePortraiture / Culture
Entry Description

More than 100 fortune tellers shops, located in this bare concrete building behind a taoist temple in Hong Kong. Alleys of good fortune with rows of shops spread over two floor levels. Tiny shops that have been decorated by the owners. Converted into little offices where they are waiting patiently for clients to come by, shopping for good fortune. Customer’s life will be read to see when is good time to marry, finish that business deal, have a baby, buy that house, change jobs, get advise on health & family issues, ... The fortune tellers have different backgrounds. For some the job is passed on from each generation to the next within a family. Others learn it from a Master or through other means. The future of the shops is uncertain however as finding someone interested to take over is getting more and more difficult. In meantime, the more good fortune one still can provide, the better the business. They offer mainly 4 types of fortune telling: face reading, palm (hand) reading, fortune sticks predictions, and bazi (based on numbers). The series presents the fortune telling and the uniqueness of this old traditional business that goes back centuries. It delves into faith and superstition that still rules daily life in Asia in many ways. Fortune tellers are sought by everyone and they play a role in influencing the major decisions of an individual’s life. In the end, fortune tellers do provide good service. They can be considered as counselors on all kind of personal or family issues or as management consultants on business matters. The images submitted are a selection of the more than 100 booths taken (replicating in a way the alleys of the building).

About Photographer

After 15 years in an industrial environment, photography is what I do now.
I like taking pictures. Specializing in documentary work and in art photography.
Born and raised in Belgium, I travelled the world.
It is Singapore from where I span my activities across all Asia.