Room 2

PhotographerEtsuko Sato
PrizeFine Art / Architecture_FA
Entry Description

I constructed a real world space to take these photographs.
This work came about due to my long-term doubts about the visible world, and my desire to test these doubts. 
Throughout this creative process,it is critical for me to have total control over all aspects of the work, including the motif and the shadows. By creating my own space, I can construct my own reality within that space and convert it from a three dimensional view to a two dimensional view through my photographs. Through this process, I am confirming my own reality. The Room 2 group of works is taken with my handmade pinhole camera and uses long exposure times.The question for me is whether the world that we are used to seeing is the real thing, or some sort of artificial construct.
 Photographs, which are an artificial creation, are used here to record an artificial reality that I created. My goal is to go back and forth in the narrow space between these real and artificial worlds and, in the end, to find my own world.

About Photographer

Born in Tokyo and based in Tokyo, JAPAN Education KYOTO UNIVERSITY OF ART & DESIGN Graduate Faculty of Art and Design (correspondence education) Department of Fine Art, Oil Painting Course