PhotographerElisabetta Riccio
PrizeFine Art / Abstract
Entry Description

The relationship that exists between photography, means of representation of reality, and the multiple exposure allows me to experiment and most of all to express and emphasize the idea that I want to represent. MIRRORS is a series of photographs of architectural structures unused: factories and industrial spaces obsolete and abandoned to decay, in which the rust penetrates the iron skeletons; the search for a new form is accomplished through the multiple exposure of photo frame that brings out prospects symmetric and specular.

About Photographer

Elisabetta Riccio was born in Italy. She graduated in Architecture and she attended specialization courses in Photography at IED (European Institute of Design), Turin. Her exhibitions includes: Fondazione Dante Alighieri, Berlino; Pretty Portal Gallery, Dusseldorf; Galo Art Gallery, Torino; Allegra la Viola Gallery, New York; Mana Wynwood, Miami.