CompanyUrasha Photography
PhotographerUrasha Jakkachaphol
PrizePress / Feature Story
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School in Chin Village, Burma

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Urasha Jakkachaphol born in Bangkok, Thailand, Urasha was well placed in a bustling city full life that never sleeps. With opportunities to travel domestically and abroad she experiences many cultures, cuisines and music, not to mention picturesque town and villages as well as the underwater world. Urasha academic journey started brightly in 2004 with a Bachelor of Arts in Business from Assumption University, Thailand. She continued her journey westward to the United Kingdom where through grit and much determination she completed a Master degree in International Hotel Management at University of Surrey in the following year. 2006 was the year of inspiration. It was not before long she found her passion in a camera. Urasha realisation opened up a new dimension to art, what was just a photo now has a greater depth that must be explored. With her family blessing, Urasha returned to the United Kingdom in the autumn of 2007 with the intention of exploration. She completed courses at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. Her journey continues to an equally distinctive establishment of University of the Arts London, the London College of Communication. Urasha found the course very demanding but she manages to find time for voluntary service. Her most notable work was documentary series for NHS Trust (St. Peterâ??s and Ashford Hospitals), Surrey Wildlife Trust and Surrey County ART as a volunteer photographer. Urashaâ??s passion drove her across the Channel to France with her sight set on Sp�©os Paris Photographic Institute. Knowing the course itself was mammoth challenge. Nonetheless, with dedication and perseverance Urasha pursued her ambition in fine art photography and completed a Master degree in European Master of Professional Photography.