International Students Bonn Germany

PhotographerDominic Jan Geis
PrizePress / Feature Story
Entry Description

Being an international student in Germany has as many aspects as nationalities and cultures to be found at a German university. Starting from the ostensible aspects like the privilege to study in a highly developed system and the recently gained individual freedom, being away from home with all kinds of family or social restrictions and or political suppression, foreign students in Germany face quiet numerous problems in their everyday life. Loneliness, homesickness, cultural differences, language issues, financial problems , the pressure to adapt and the fear of failure as well as racism outside AND within the university can turn the estimated easy student`s life into a painful experience. All students portrayed for this project fear or experienced at least some of these problems. So the aim of this project became the expression of these experiences and fears using at the same time documentary elements concerning the people, the places and the stories behind as well as staged elements like gesture.

About Photographer

*Master degree in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Heidelberg *Professional Photographer and Photojournalist since 2008 Major Projects: 2006: Ethnography of the religious community of "Dadupanth" in Rajasthan, India. Combination of Anthropology and Photography. 2010-11 and ongoing: "An Ocean of Dreams" The Hopes and Dreams and the Despair of Iran`s "Burnt Generation" after the Green Wave 2009. 2012: Photographer and Videographer at London International Festival of Theatre: LIFT2012. 2013: International Students in Bonn.