Anastasia and a different factory of memories

PhotographerBorn in Verona, Italy, in 1982, she graduated i...
PrizePress / Feature Story
Entry Description

Anastasia is 12 years old and she lives in Verona. She is daughter of an Englishman and an Italian woman from Friuli region, both the 3 parents are street performers, and lives in an apartment almost big that the owner Vicenzo, professor of physics, decided to share with people who find themselves in a state of emergency housing. Anastasia, her mother Alice (who last year was pregnant of the second baby ), and her dog Leo are among them. The photographic project, initially aimed to investigate an alternative way of living, a sort of cohousing totally for free (the professor hosts the guests without requiring any payment) during a period of great economic uncertainty and existential fragility. After, it was gradually transformed into the story of the delicate transition from childhood to adolescence lived in an ‘atypical ‘ contest.