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In 2011, following the Arab Spring, a new Moroccan constitution was created. This included long awaited amendments on women rights. In practice this hasn't changed much. In Morocco single mothers are still rejected from society for being unmarried with a child. According to INSAF* 153 children are born outside marriage every day with 24 of them being abandoned. Uncontrolled pregnancies are happening mostly in rural areas or poor town districts. From April 2013 I have witnessed Fatiha's own experience: Fatiha 32 years old, is from the countryside near Marrakesh, she lost vision in one eye as a toddler. This left her with little hope to marry. She became pregnant after meeting someone who eventually left her. She is raising her son alone in a 12 square meter room without any water facilities. No one knows about her story apart from one of her sisters. She lives now in Marrakesh

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Degree in photography and multimedia (2:1) London 2001 Recently participated in the WorldpressPhoto Storytelling project "Reporting change" in North Africa - April July 2013 that took place in Tunisia and Egypt. PUBLICATIONS: ABC (España) - MTV UK (UK) - ARISE magazine -Antiquariato magazine (Italia) - VIBRATIONS magazine (FRANCE/SWITZERLAND) - Enderrock magazine (Cataluña) - Jaç magazine (Cataluña) - Folk magazine (Cataluña) - Sons de la Mediterranea -Tele 2 semaines (France) - Les Guides Music Book (France) - El Periodico (Catalunya)-La Revista dels Lluïsos (Barcelona - Revista Zirkolika - (Spain) - QUO magazine (Mexico)- TELQUEL magazine (Morocco) PARIS-PHUKET Magazine (Thailand) - NESMA magazine (Morocco) - Madame à Marrakech magazine (Morocco) -Press photos for Muchachito Bombo Infierno (Barcelona 2005) - .Creation (with Guillaume Villalonga) of an educational and social B/W photography workshop for young illegal immigrants in the EICA Association (Barcelona) October - December 2006 EXHIBITIONS - Press Photos for Napoleon Maddox- ISWHAT?! Band (2011). EXHIBITIONS: Group exhibition "FotoMercé 2005 " - Palau Vireina Barcelona - October 2006 - Solo Exhibition "En vivo"/"Live" - Bar Big Bang, Barcelona - March 2007 - Group exhibtion "6X6" "Untitled" Gallery - Barcelona - November 2009 - Solo exhibition “7 imagenes para el septimo arte” Gerbard – Barcelona July 2010 French (native) English and Spanish spoken and written fluently- Basic Darija spoken