Sine Sole

PhotographerMajlend Bramo
PrizePress / Feature Story
Entry Description

Sine Sole, which comes from Latin and means Sunless. This is the story of Viganella, Italy, a little village in the Alps that does not receive sunlight during the three winter months from November to February, staying in the shade because of the surrounding mountains. In 2006 was built a mirror on top of the mountain in front of the village, that has allowed the sunlight to be reflected to it. This fact has reached international attention when a Norwegian village, Rjukan, adopted the same system. I wanted to tell the story of the first town in the world that has utilized this type of technology, innovating the pursuit of light.

About Photographer

Majlend Bramo was born in 12 September 1988 in Tirana, Albania. He moved to Italy and after high school began his journey into photography that led him to take part of the photojournalistic news agency Massimo Sestini New Pictures in 2008. From that date he is working in the News photography field, covering the major events in Florence and Italy. Now he is working as a freelance