A Place Called Home

PhotographerCorinna Kern
PrizeBook (series Only) / Documentary
Entry Description

What does home mean to you? To what extent is the experience of home related to a place or a feeling? How does this experience manifest itself around a life in constant transition? This project explores the concept of home within London’s squatting scene. What might commonly be perceived as a shelter for the homeless or poor is often a conscious choice - an alternative and communal way of living. By becoming part of the squatting community and by adopting its lifestyle, Corinna Kern embarked on a personal journey through which she discovered homes that often go beyond a physical existence. From derelict warehouses to design studios, from garden centres to fabric storehouses, each place is infused with its own particular spirit. Giving insights into intimate moments of the inhabitants’ daily lives, this project aims to convey a sense of being at home – even in unusual places.