All Roads Lead To Wembley

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Turning up late, hungover, discussing last nights conquests, lighting a cigarette at half time whilst sucking an Orange quarter, repeatedly calling the referee, team mates and the opposing team a ‘Cunt’, the occasional brawl on the pitch and then a quick pint before heading back to the missus and kids for a roast dinner; British Sunday league football is a beautiful sporting culture living in it’s own isolation. And Hackney Marshes is the UK’s Sunday league football home. Fifty Nine Leagues across the country, featuring a total of 84 divisions provide a funnel to the Football League, and winning the following 4 divisions sees a team crowned the Premier League Champions. All Roads Lead to Wembley is collection of photographs showing grassroots football from Hackney Marshes across the 2013/2014 Season at it's amateur best as All Roads (do in fact seem to) Lead to Wembley