Red Furie

PhotographerGabriele Viertel
PrizeAdvertising / Fashion
Entry Description

Underwater photography Project Nudy Dress with FashionArt Agnes Van Dijk Model Mira Paz

About Photographer

Netherlands-based photographer Gabriele Viertel has garnered respect for her otherwise otherworldly concepts, mainly underwater created works, which transcends the boundaries between painting, performance and documentation. The series 'follow me to the depths' was introduced the first time to the public in 2013. This did not go unnoticed and recieved exceptional attention through the social media, followed by myriad publications worldwide -inter alia of The Museum of Modern Art San Francisco, Vogue Arts, Cosmopolitan - recognized into the world of art immediately. Viertel’s expressive work often conveys a touch of darkness with a mysterious flair. She is conserving the elegance of classical photography with the addition of surrealistic elements. Her work is considered redefinition in fine art underwater Photography. Her work has been exhibited in Europe and the USA. Gabriele Viertel studied design and technology in Cologne and devoted to photography as a fulltime artist since 2011.