Half Faced

PhotographerApple Chua
PrizeAdvertising / Beauty
Entry Description

What enshrouded beneath is what you don't want to believe. Beginnings. Endings. Choices.

About Photographer

Apple Chua graduated from Singapore Polytechnic in Multimedia Design and has been in the creative industry since then. Kept within bounds during work, she seeks another medium to express her visions. She picked up the camera in 2010 to explore the correlation between visual arts and photography. She left her promising career and deferred her degree course in Business Communications to pursue Photography full time. Her works have since graced the covers of magazines and won various awards. These includes five merit awards at the Master Photography Awards held in the United Kingdom and Winner of Fashion Category in Far East Master Photographer Print Competition 2011. AppleC, through her cross training of Graphic Design and Photography, has builds up an artistic skill creating images which are distinctively epic and cinematic. Full of color, glamor, elegance and whimsical femininity which she draws inspiration from sci-fi futurism and renaissance arts, she developed a signature style which many believe will do her well in the fashion industry. As an adept medal-winning karate-ka, AppleC channels the karate philosophy of self-discipline, focus, and perseverance into perfecting her craft. As a Fashion and Beauty Photographer, AppleC has consistently challenged conventional notion of beauty.