Vintage Corvette Racing

PhotographerFrancine Filsinger
PrizeAdvertising / Automotive
Entry Description

Vintage Corvette personifies the rich history of Corvette Racing.

About Photographer

About Me Francine Filsinger is an American born Fine Art Photographer who lives in California. She is often found combing raw desert-scapes, the wide reaches of the Pacific Ocean, or sitting for hours with an intriguing face, facade or flower. Francine relates intimately with her subjects. She masterfully plays with the real elements of time and space giving one a feeling of dwelling in her tme. Her imagery has a unique sense of a tugging memory of one’s own journeys. They are both mysterious and familiar at the same time, beckoning one to travel further....deeper as they suggest more than what they literally show. Ms. Filsinger is a national and international award winning photographer. Her art may be found in private and museum collections and is regularly exhibited in galleries. Artist Statement So it seems, my entire life has been spent cradled in the arms of artistic expression. I began my adventure as a child studying the classics, falling in love with the piano as the perfct conduit for connecting the child artist with her innermost feelings. It was there that I learned to percieve the world around me through rhythm. I soon discovered rhythm is everywhere. It’s found in sounds, in shapes, in light....all moving in unique patterns that intertwine with one another to tell a story. I’ve pursued that sense of chaotic order ever since. Eventually, I grew to reach beyond the immediate.... to truthfully document what is glorious and what is disturbing and whenever possible to show them simutanously. It’s my insatiable curiosity that drives me to discover the essence of my subjects. What is it that they want to tell me? How do I honestly and faithfully tell their stories as well as my own? I am not simply documenting a moment but I am living it...breathing it...entwining myself in it. The two of us becoming one for a moment in time when honesty has her say. Not constrained by convention, I empty myself. I become porous soaking in the energy between myself and my subject. It is only then that I am truly able to create an image that reveals the encounter. And what of you, the viewer of my art? If my imagery stays with you long after it has left your sight, whispering a message only you can hear, then I will have achieved my purpose.