PhotographerTimo Lieber
PrizeFine Art / Landscape
Entry Description

The series depicts various dunes in the Mojave Desert (US) in early morning light. The fantastic curves, fine texture and the contrast between darks and lights made this an easy choice to create a series of Black and White images.

About Photographer

Timo Lieber is a London-based photographer, best known for his distinctive take on our world from above. He gets inspired by the environment and the interplay of elements that form some of nature's most incredible shapes and patterns. While many of Timo's earlier works show the beauty of vast, untouched landscapes, his current work explores the human interaction with nature and the complexity of its impact. Through his photographs, Timo attempts to look beyond the obvious and invites the viewer to embark on a visual journey together. Timo's photographs have been published by The Guardian, The Washington Post, CNN, BBC, NASA and New Scientist, among many others. Timo is the 2013 winner of the International Pano Awards (Australia) and has received numerous further awards, including PDN Photo Annual (US), Int. Photography Awards (US), National Geographic (US), PX3 Prix de la Photographie (France), Sony World Photography Awards (UK) and Global Arctic Awards (Russia). His latest solo show, THAW, was on display at Bonhams, London, in early 2017.