Mountain streams

PhotographerJonathan Smith
PrizeFine Art / Landscape
Entry Description

The body of work “Mountain Streams” was produced in the northernmost part of Iceland during the region's long winter. The work is a response to the meditative landscape of this remote area, at a time of year when it is reduced to an almost indiscernible white space. Only hinting at scale and form, the terrain is cut through by blue mountain streams that start as a trickle, then grow in size, shape, and character as they meander down through the fjords on their way to the Arctic Ocean.

About Photographer

Jonathan Smith is a British photographer who lives in New York. He attended the International Center of Photography in 2000 and completed his studies in Documentary Photography. In 2004 Jonathan was awarded the second Design Trust Photo Urbanism project fellowship. Over the next 12 months, he produced The Bridge Project, a photographic study of New York City bridges throughout the five boroughs. He is currently editing a book based on this body of work. In March 2006, Jonathan was recognized by PDN Magazine as one of 30 emerging photographers to watch. He has exhibited most recently at Powerhouse arena in The Brooklynites show. He is currently photographing a major body of work, which chronicles the New York City at night.