Photographergiovanni presutti
PrizeFine Art / Collage
Entry Description

"Taking photographs has set up a chronic voyeuristic relation to the world which levels the meaning of all events".This concept seems written today,but it dates back to 40 years ago(Susan Sontag-On Photography-1973),and in the smartphone era it has taken even greater power.James Estrin,journalist and photographer from the New York Times,wondered in his NYTblog about which effect the modern "tsunami" of photography could have.Estrin speaks about the billions of mobile phones taking pictures of everything (food,children,dogs,sunsets,feet,art,monuments and other), which shoot so many actions as if they all have equal importance.As an artist I did not want to put myself above others,therefore I did ’not make a collection of web images to be used in my project, but I put myself on the same level of common "users".I identified the most photographed subjects and then I started to photograph them in my dailylife.To do this I used an iphone application(Hipstamatic)in which you can use 1188 different effects.For each subject,I took 54 different photographs,each time changing the effect but keeping the same shot,then I assembled them into panels with a clear POP aesthetics inspiration.Choice due to the fact that today(as pointed out by Clement Cheroux in his essay on September 11, 2011 and the photographic image in the globalized events era-Diplopia-2009)the imaging market is channeled and controlled by a reduced number of communicators and the visual offer decreases, repeates and evens.The final work consists in 972 photographs(18 panels of 54 photographs each),through which I aimed at getting a sensory effect to dive deep into the chaos of images that repeat themselves into a stupor and whose subjects represent a sort of "nothing",but at the same time aesthetically treating the final effect up to perfection.The result is a short circuit which is that of our society,squeezed between the exasperation of aesthetics and the paucity of content.

About Photographer

Born in Florence, Italy, on 03 30 1965, where he still lives. In 1998 he graduates from the photography school Art.E in Florence. From 2003 to 2005 he develops the project â??Reflexionsâ?? in Paris, with others photographers under the supervision of Giorgia Fiorio and Gabriel Bauret. Then He had an intense exhibition activity in Italy and abroad either in public than private museums and gallery, the last one in saint Petersburg at the photography festival in september 2010. He got several prizes. First prize in A better world in 2008, in portfolio ariosto 2007, honored mention in 2008 and 2009 in italian professional photographer association Tau Visual award for photojournalism, two honored mention in IPA international photographer awards PRO in 2010. He published in several magazines, one of them Vanity fair. In 2008 he published his first book Mirror