Architectural Street

PhotographerAngie McMonigal
PrizeFine Art / Architecture_FA
Entry Description

Within this series I try to capture that moment we reveal a detail of ourselves while exploring the architectural landscape that surrounds us. Allowing us a better understanding of the whole by appreciating the details, both within our surroundings and ourselves.

About Photographer

Although I grew up in a small town in rural Wisconsin, I was always fascinated by big cities; their towering skyscrapers, constant energy and seemingly endless options had me longing to be a part of that world. Since 2000 I have spent most of my time living in Chicago with my husband raising our two young children and focusing my creative energy on photography. My work has been awarded and exhibited nationally and focuses on exploring the broader urban landscape, its architectural details and how we express ourselves within this landscape. The contrast between these expansive urban scenes and the abstractions achieved by isolating their details is of particular interest to me. It’s a study in various perceptions of common subject matter, a way to see the whole by appreciating its detail, how we reveal a detail of ourselves while moving through these spaces.